Changelog for eMule StulleMule mod

eMule v0.50a StulleMule v7.0:
- 25.12.2010 -
based on eMule 0.50a MorphXT 12.6 compiled with vs2010

Added: Tooltip for Show overhead on title [Stulle]
Added: Random Modstring detection [WiZaRd]
Added: Mod faker detection based on "«...»" in nick [zz_fly]
Added: Leecher nick detection (randomized nick) [zz_fly]

Changed: Updated Enhanced Client Recognition to v2 (minor change) [Stulle/WiZaRd]
Changed: Disable ASFU if too many folders are shared [Stulle]
+ fixes related crashes; increases ASFU version number to 3.5
Changed: No Pay back First for non-SUI clients if client ident failed [Stulle]
Changed: Reworked coloring of windows (fixes some tab controls on Vista/7) [Stulle]
Changed: Allowed localization of Dropmenu [Stulle]
Changed: Fair Play is now integerbased [Stulle]

Updated: Anti-Leecher-Lists (DLP v43) [zz_fly]
Updated: Following language files: German [Stulle]; French [jamjam];
Chinese (P.R.C.) [zz_fly]; Italian [Myth88]

Fixed: Global Mod statistics were not displayed [Stulle]
Fixed: Service was not stopped when it should be stopped on starting emule.exe [Stulle]
+ occured when service name was changed
Fixed: Crashfix for reloading share via ASFU under certain circumstances [WiZaRd]
Fixed: Improper display in Shared Files List due to PowerShare column [Stulle]
Fixed: Push Small File settings got reset if 1kB was chosen [Stulle]
Fixed: Static Server style was not applied [Stulle]

eMule v0.49c StulleMule v6.2:
- 26.04.2009 -
based on eMule 0.49c MorphXT 11.3 compiled with vs2005 SP1

Added: (Design Settings) Shareable file style for SharedFilesCtrl [Stulle]
Added: Make NT Service strings changeable [Stulle]
Added: Option to use ASFU for folders including single shared files [Stulle]
Added: Option for time between automatic reloads [Stulle]
Added: First awesome StulleMule Installer [leuk_he/MorphXT]
Added: Turkish translation (partially) [omeringen]

Changed: Only check "Control download priority" code every tenth cycle [Stulle]
Changed: Updated Design Settings for new code (also improves implementation [Stulle]
Changed: Min small files push size to 1 kB [Stulle]
Changed: Small files push size slider kB based (makes keyboard input usable) [Stulle]
Changed: Introduced pre-processor definitions for various features [Stulle]
Changed: Global SysInfo RAM stats will support usage of more than 4GB [Stulle]
Changed: Write FileSettings.ini sequentially (faster) [Stulle]
Changed: Always wait 5 sec after sending save req before saving file settings [Stulle]
Changed: Only reset ASFU when needed [Stulle]
Changed: ASFU uses special bWatchSubtree flag for share with subdir [Stulle]
Changed: ASFU only checks top most shared with subdir folder On Device Changed [Stulle]
Changed: ASFU only monitors dirs that exist on reset/init [Stulle]

Updated: Anti-Leecher-Lists (DLP v37) [zz_fly/more]
Updated: Following language files: French [Nicholas_FR]; Spanish [guijarrelson];
Italian [v-x-vendetta]; German [Stulle]; Chinese (P.R.C.) [zz_fly]

Fixed: (Design Settings) Only display if we got score remotely for DL clients [Stulle]
Fixed: Save known and FileSettings threads were not terminated properly [Stulle]
Fixed: Default color for source graph [Stulle]
Fixed: Changing the small files push size reset changes in the Tree options [Stulle]
Fixed: ASFU endlessly reloaded when monitored directory disappeared [Stulle]

eMule v0.49b StulleMule v6.1:
- 17.09.2008 -
based on eMule 0.49b MorphXT 11.1 compiled with vs2005 SP1

Added: PowerShare support for WebInterface [Stulle]
+not for light, use the new WebInterface files
Added: Color selection for sub heading text (internal) [Stulle]

Changed: Localize Source Graph group box [Stulle/thx pennyliu123]
Changed: Localize Push Small Files label above slider [Stulle/thx pennyliu123]
Changed: Localize TBH: MM group item [Stulle/thx pennyliu123]
Changed: Localize "12h" string for Release Bonus [Stulle/thx pennyliu123]

Changed: Made Compat clients stats code prettier [WiZaRd]
Changed: Improved resizing of cats tab in SearchResultWnd [Stulle]
Changed: Using official code for proper background of Icons with text [Officials]
Changed: (Morph) Display NNS in UploadListCtrl [Diabolo111]

Updated: Bad Nick List (DLP v33) [zz_fly/JvA/DLarge]

Fixed: Anti-XS-Exploit (v2 answers) [fafner]
Fixed: ATWL: (minor) not working split button after starting unsplitted [fafner]
+ ATWL = Advanced Transfer Window Layout
Fixed: ATWL: (minor) list count for upper splitted lists did not update [fafner]
Fixed: ATWL: (minor) non-downloads lists changed height between split/unsplit [fafner]
+ running with 120 dpi fonts and using odd screen sizes
Fixed: Readded TextToSpeech support for notifies [Stulle]
Fixed: Anti-Uploader-Ban case 2 and 3 (horribly old...) [Stulle]
Fixed: Wrong friendslot tag (used 0x66 like in the alpha phase) [Stulle]
+ importing friendslots when upgrading from v6.0
Fixed: Missed some files when merging [Stulle]
Fixed: (minor) Wrong check mark for A4AF in DownloadList File menu [Stulle/thx erdem444]
Fixed: (Morph) Corrupted userhash ban [taz-me]

eMule v0.49a StulleMule v6.0:
- 20.05.2008 -
based on eMule 0.49a MorphXT 11.0 compiled with vs2005 SP1

Added: MenuXP Sub Heading [fafner/Stulle]
Added: Advanced Transfer Window Layout [Stulle/ideas from fafner]
Added: Threaded File Settings Saving [Stulle]
+ keeps the GUI responsive while saving
Added: Threaded Known Files Saving [Stulle]
+ keeps the GUI responsive while saving
Added: DirectX (Preview feature) support for VS05 [eMF]

Changed: Save file settings when changing FollowTheMajority setting [Stulle]
Changed: Save file settings when new file added [Stulle]
Changed: File settings save thread waits 5 seconds before launching [Stulle]
Changed: Context menu Sidebars show mod version [Stulle]
Changed: Context menu title shown as sub heading [Stulle]
Changed: Creation of TBH: MiniMule (won't show up on startup now) [Stulle]
Changed: Maintain splitter state on change TransferWnd toolbar settings [Stulle]

Updated: Anti-Leecher-Lists (DLP v32-pre) [Xman/Myth/JvA/DLarge]

Fixed: Some memleak fixes and other fixes [fafner]
Fixed: Memleak fixes for System info [WiZaRd]
Fixed: (minor) Permission context menu in DownloadListCtrl [Stulle]
Fixed: (minor) On/Off button for Server design settings [Stulle]

Advanced Transfer Window Layout:
+ Any two lists can be viewed at the same time
+ Downloading file list can only be viewed in the upper part
+ If list shown in the upper half is already in the lower half the lower
list changes to next list
+ To disable/ enable press the split button/ item

eMule v0.48a StulleMule v5.3:
- 14.09.2007 -
based on eMule 0.48a MorphXT 10.3 compiled with vs2003 SP1

Changed: ASFU: Moved EndCall [Stulle]
Changed: AFSU: Reset when en-/disabled [Stulle]

Fixed: ASFU: missing alteration for shareSubdir [Stulle]

eMule v0.48a StulleMule v5.2:
- 08.09.2007 -
based on eMule 0.48a MorphXT 10.2 compiled with vs2003 SP1

Changed: Recode of the file settings [Stulle]
Changed: Set and save Follow the Majority per file [Stulle]
Changed: Partly rewrote ASFU for shareSubdirs [Stulle]

Fixed: Some more GDI-Leaks around the context menus [Stulle]
Fixed: Info icon in ChatWnd for window colors [Stulle]
Fixed: Odd word invention "constantinously" to "constantly" [LorenzC]
Fixed: Some more mem leaks [fafner]

Removed: Unused code in the Preferences [Stulle]

File Settings:
+ all .sivka files will be deleted
+ all settings will be stored in the FileSettings.ini
+ supports all current settings by StulleMule and ScarAngel
+ settings are saved on taking over SivkaFileSettings and on closing eMule

eMule v0.48a StulleMule v5.1:
- 05.08.2007 -
based on eMule 0.48a MorphXT 10.1 compiled with vs2003 SP1

Added: AppleJuice Community Detection [Xman]
Added: File Faker Detection [Xman]
Added: Enforce Ratio (1:1 to 1:10) [Stulle]

Changed: check mark superior to icon (MenuXP) [fafner]
Changed: Quickstart for KAD-only connection [Stulle]
Changed: No FunnyNick for bad guys [Stulle]
Changed: Readded EasterEgg & removed concealment [Stulle]
Changed: Partial revision of Reduce Score [Stulle]

Updated: Anti-Leecher-Lists (DLP v30) [Xman]

Fixed: Remove star from tray fix *lol* [Stulle]
Fixed: GDI-Leaks around the context menus [Stulle]

eMule v0.48a StulleMule v5.0:
- 06.06.2007 -
based on eMule 0.48a MorphXT 10.0 compiled with vs2003 SP1

Added: Security check for loading of reduce factor [Stulle]
Added: Inform sources after IP change via opcode [Xanatos/Spike]
Added: Inform queue clients after IP change via opcode [Stulle]
+ uses the same function like for sources, credits go to the same ppl
Added: Prevent from missing an Upload by Xtreme [Stulle/idea by Spike2]
Added: Recognize MlDonkey XS Answer [Spike2/ideas by Wiz]
Added: Reconnect KAD on IP-Change (triggered by Server) [Xman]

Changed: Improved mod recognition for Mod Stats [Stulle]
Changed: Min time for automatic reloads set to 2min [Stulle]
Changed: Ensure count of completed files independant from cat for TBH:MM & tray [Stulle]
Changed: Tray Icons [IPU]
Changed: Program Icon [ staff]

Updated: Emulate other clients [Spike2]
Updated: Design Settings to v2 [Stulle/MaxUpload]

Fixed: Remove star from tray when cleared completed [Stulle]

eMule v0.47c StulleMule v4.5:
- 14.02.2007 -
based on eMule 0.47c MorphXT 9.5 compiled with vs2003 SP1

Added: High resulution speedmeter on toolbar [eFMod/Stulle]
+ overrides some toolbar settings

Changed: Proxy cannot be a leecher [Stulle]
Changed: Control download priority sets priority when Auto enabled [Stulle]

Fixed: Nick Changer string [Stulle]
Fixed: Spread Credits Slot string [Stulle]

Removed: Improperly added Valid Sources Patch [sivka]
+ should fix all bugs around XS (this was hard to find...)
Removed: Unused code of TBH: MiniMule implementation [Stulle]

eMule v0.47c StulleMule v4.4:
- 04.02.2007 -
based on eMule 0.47c MorphXT 9.5 compiled with vs2003 SP1

Added: Display reason for zero score [Stulle]
Added: Automatic shared files updater [MoNKi]
Added: Progress Hash [O2]
Added: Control download priority [tommy_gun/iONiX]

Changed: Disable PS/PBF for leechers also for push rare/ small [Stulle]

Updated: Anti-XS-Exploit [Xman]
Updated: Anti-Leecher lists [Xman]

Fixed: Drop down menus in Design settings dlg on Win2k [Leuk_he]
Fixed: TBH: MM popping up at the wrong time [Stulle]
Fixed: Hex Check [Xman]
Fixed: Accidently removed Ratio CS since v4.0 [Stulle]
Fixed: Accidently changed EastShare CS to Morph Way [Stulle]
Fixed: Sometimes client's credits are not updated though they should [Stulle]

Removed: Magic Angel and Magic Angel+ CS (not well designed) [sFrQlXeRt]

eMule v0.47c StulleMule v4.3:
- 18.01.2007 -
based on eMule 0.47c MorphXT 9.3 compiled with vs2003 SP1

Added: Design Settings [eWombat/Stulle]

Changed: Notify on invalid value for PS amount limit [Stulle]
Changed: Replaced XP-Style menus implementation with the one from Xanatos [Stulle]
Changed: Various changes around XP-Style menus [Stulle]
Changed: XP-Style menu background picture [ staff]

Fixed: Transferred data measurement for compatible clients [Stulle]
Fixed: Mod Stats for Cyrex2001 and Spike2 mods [Stulle]

Design Settings:
+ Only enabled styles will be applied
+ Styles sorted by importance in triggering (default excluded)
+ Combining two styles is impossible

eMule v0.47c StulleMule v4.2:
- 15.12.2006 -
based on eMule 0.47c MorphXT 9.2 compiled with vs2003 SP1

Added: Static IP Filter [Stulle]
remark: save "ipfilter_static.dat" in config dir
Added: More creditsystems (Magic Angel, Magic Angel+, TK4, Xtreme, ZZUL) [Various]
Added: Enhanced Client Recognition [Spike]
Added: Compat Client Stats [Stulle]

Changed: Specify min amount of mod clients for Global Mod statistics [Stulle]
remark: add "MinModAmount={value}" in [StulleMule] section in
Preferences.ini; default = 2
Changed: Global Mod Statistics sorted by amount [leuk_he/ Stulle]
Changed: creditsystem settings now saved in StulleMule section [Stulle]
Changed: No small file push for Release Bonus pushed files [Stulle]
remark: Otherwise the uint32 could not be enough; push is high enough

Fixed: Avoid misusing of PowerShare on Partfiles [fafner]
Fixed: Server list context menu label [Stulle]
Fixed: Limit PS by amount of data uploaded not loaded properly [Stulle]

eMule v0.47c StulleMule v4.1:
- 10.11.2006 -
based on eMule 0.47c MorphXT 9.2 compiled with vs2003 SP1

Added: Global Mod statistics [Stulle/some code by SlugFiller]
Added: Limit PS by amount of data uploaded [Stulle]
Added: Disable PS/PBF for leechers [Stulle/idea by sfrqlxert]

Changed: Do not allow bad guys to get a SCS [Stulle]

Fixed: SlotLimiter settings gui [Stulle]

Removed: MorphXT/ StulleMule counter (unneccessary) [Stulle]

Limit PS by amount of data uploaded:
+ Set Limit by sources to 0 and PS mod to limited to use this feature

eMule v0.47c StulleMule v4.0:
- 07.10.2006 -
based on eMule 0.47c MorphXT 9.0 compiled with vs2003 SP1

Added: latest CVS updates [MorphXT Team]

Changed: Complete recoded of triggering parts from Reask Sources after IP-Change [Stulle]
Changed: Replaced CPU usage reader code [ejor]
Changed: System Info settings resetted to default [Stulle]
Changed: System Info updated every second instead of 2.5 seconds [Stulle]

Fixed: Average Queue Rating [Xman]
Fixed: SysInfo Memleak [WiZaRd]
Fixed: SysInfo wasn't destroyed (pointed out by JvA) [Stulle]

Removed: Disable delete dead servers [Stulle]


eMule v0.47a StulleMule v3.6:
- 30.07.2006 -
based on eMule 0.47a MorphXT 8.13 compiled with vs2003 and Netfinity's fix

Added: XP Style Menus (including few more icons in the context menus) [TPT]
Added: Release Bonus (12h or up to 16 days) (not for partfiles) [sivka]
Added: Release Score assurance [Stulle]
Added: Connection Checker [eWombat/WiZaRd/Stulle]
Added: Nick Changer Check [Xman]
Added: Display ban/detection reason [Stulle]

Updated: Bad Mod list and Spam message list [Xman]

Changed: Redesigned Reduce Score Factor setting (avoid tiping failure) [Stulle]
Changed: Enable/ Disable Sysinfo (complete and global) [Stulle/iONiX]
Changed: Spread Credits Slot may be added to PS UL class optionally [Stulle]
Changed: (SCS) reinitiate early abort clients without half a chunk threshold [Stulle]
Changed: Mod-ID-Fakers won't be counted any longer [Stulle]
Changed: TBH: MM shows KAD connection and both connections state [Stulle]
Changed: reworked Anti-Leecher-System management [Stulle]
Changed: ReAsk Sources after IP change to Cyrex style - not v2 by Xman now [Stulle]

Fixed: Forgot one check around the PBF change (D'oh!) [Stulle]
Fixed: Emulate MLDonkey, eDonkey and eDHybrid
Fixed: Bad Nick/Mod clients didn't get score reduction after second check [Stulle]

Removed: Slotlimiter by average UL value (replaced with Morph one) [Stulle]

Release Score assurance:
+ clients requesting complete files with release priority will not get
a score lower than the default unless they are Reduce Score clients

Connection Checker:
+ The Connection Checker will disconnect the Server/ KAD connection on going offline
and connect it again on going online.
+ Only networks set in the preferences (Connection settings) will be connected again.

eMule v0.47a StulleMule v3.5:
- 21.04.2006 -
based on eMule 0.47a MorphXT 8.10 compiled with vs2003 and Netfinity's fix

Note: I need new alpha/ beta tester. If you are interested please contact me
Requirements: speaking English/ German; good eMule knowledge; time!

Added: MorphXT counter [Stulle]
Added: CPU/ Memory usage display in TransferWnd [$ick$/Stulle]
Added: ScarAngel Icon (already in 3.4 - kept this info hidden ;)) [Stulle]
Added: New United Community Detection [Xman]
Added: UDPReaskFNF-Fix against Leechers [Xman/idea by WiZaRd]
Added: Reduce Score for leecher (on definate detection) [Stulle]
remark: 10-100% of the original score

Updated: Bad Mod list [Xman]

Changed: More leecher checks optional [Stulle]
new: BadType eMuleInfo-Tag, Suspect Hello-Tag, SNAFU, Extra Bytes
Changed: Reworked Spread Credits Slot [Stulle]
remark: clients in PS UL class and earlyabort clients valid
unless they got more than half a chunk
Changed: Update display after manual dropping immediatly [Stulle]
Changed: PBF only on complete reqfiles (different by EastShare) [Stulle]

Fixed: CPU usage display in MiniMule title line (failed here...) [Stulle]
Fixed: eMCrypt detection (using MorphXT implementation) [leuk_he]

Removed: EastShare counter [Pretender]
Removed: # of dropped sources this session in stats [Stulle]
Removed: Lower upload priority [Pretender]

CPU/ Memory usage display in TransferWnd:
+ Display order: "CPU : CPU usage of eMule (CPU usage of the whole system)"
"Mem : Memory usage of eMule (currently used physical Mem/ RAM of System)"

Spread Credits Slot debugging:
+ @ Spr N = usual Spread Credits Slot (0 up/ 0 down)
+ @ Spr F = removed early and got less than half a chunk
+ @ Spr O = got a SCS but was removed and didn't get reinitiated by @ Spr F


eMule v0.47a StulleMule v3.4:
- 24.03.2006 -
based on eMule 0.47a MorphXT 8.9 compiled with vs2003 and Netfinity's fix

Added: More Mod Icons (MAXmod, Xtreme, iONiX, Cyrex2001, NextEMF, Neo Mule) [Stulle]

Changed: GHL system like in former versions (customize for files) [Stulle]

Removed: Unused code in Connection Wizard [Stulle]


eMule v0.47a StulleMule v3.3:
- 09.03.2006 -
based on eMule 0.47a MorphXT 8.5 compiled with vs2003 and Netfinity's fix

Added: Emulate: MLDonkey, eDonkey, eDonkeyHybrid, Shareaza v2, Lphant [WiZaRd/Spike/shadow2004]

Changed: Do not add sources from Src Cache while reducing HL (GHL) [Stulle]
Changed: Do not search sources while reducing HL (GHL) [Stulle]
Changed: Calculate GHL default based on line speed [Stulle]

Fixed: MiniMule crash on shutdown (try-catch-handler instead of mutex) [Stulle]
Fixed: Avoid division by zero due to counter for active GHL files [Stulle]
Fixed: Slot Limit (Max Slots = Avg UL/3kbps) string in PPgStulle.cpp [Stulle]

eMule v0.47a StulleMule v3.2:
- 24.02.2006 -
based on eMule 0.47a MorphXT 8.5 compiled with vs2003 and Netfinity's fix

Added: Hex Check for leecher detection [Xman]
Added: Emcrypt detection (set GPLEvildoer) [Xman]

Updated: Bad Mod list [Xman]

Changed: Default nick to [Stulle]
Changed: Initializing of hl for new files in GHL [Stulle]
Changed: Stayed with former Slot limiter [Stulle]

Fixed: (minor) corrected slot limiter max to 255 [Stulle]

Removed: Help from StulleMule preferences (caused a crash) [leuk_he/done by Stulle]


eMule v0.47a StulleMule v3.1:
- 04.02.2006 -
based on eMule 0.47a MorphXT 8.1 compiled with vs2003 and Netfinity's fix

Added: Source cache (slightly modified) [Xman]
Added: Option to use Global Hardlimit for all files [Stulle]

Changed: Tweaked EastShare and StulleMule client count [Stulle]
Changed: Minor changes around Global Hardlimit [Stulle]

Fixed: Forgot to merge updated bad Nick/Mod lists [Stulle]
Fixed: Average Download Speed display (prevent from division by zero) [Stulle]
Fixed: Average Download Speed label display [Stulle]

eMule v0.47a StulleMule v3.0:
- 30.01.2006 -
based on eMule 0.47a MorphXT 8.1 compiled with vs2003 and Netfinity's fix

StulleMule goes SourceForge:
StulleMule goes online (eng + ger):

Added: Global Hardlimit [Max/Stulle]
Added: StulleMule Version Check [Official/MorphXT/Stulle]

Changed: Only print valid incoming message log lines (none from spammer/ leecher) [Xman]
Changed: Tweaked 'Show sources on title' and 'Show in MSN7 v2' [Stulle]
Changed: PS limitation on complete files updated to latest version [SiRoB]

Fixed: DownloadHistoryList [Xman]
Fixed: Quickstart after IP change settings in PPgStulle [Stulle]

Removed: Switch off PS limitation on complete files (it was meant for small files... working now) [Stulle]

eMule v0.46c StulleMule v2.2:
- 13.12.2005 -
based on eMule 0.46c MorphXT 7.6 compiled with vs2003 and Netfinity's fix

This version still contains all EastShare v10.6 changes as it did before but since
most changes while merging are from the MorphXT this is rather a mod based on
MorphXT than a mod based on Eastshare

Added: Display star in tray when completed files in download list [Stulle]
Added: Slot limit by # of slots (60-256) [Stulle]
Added: Leecher name checks (uses detect algorithms instead of list check) [Xman]
Added: Community check [Xman]
Added: Spammer Ban [Xman]
Added: Anti-XS-Exploit [Xman/idea by WiZaRd]

Updated: Bad Mod/ Name list [Xman]

Changed: Friend display superiour to PS display in Queue and Upload list [Stulle]
Changed: Slot limit now uses 5 mins average speed (fixes former bug, too!) [Stulle]

Fixed: Connection display in MSN [Stulle]
Fixed: Crash on shutdown in TBH: MM [leuk_he]
Fixed: Upload Priority Sorting (hopefully) [Stulle]
Fixed: Pay Back First for clients without SUI [Stulle]

eMule v0.46c StulleMule v2.1:
- 08.11.2005 -
based on eMule 0.46c EastShare v10.6 compiled with vs2003 and Netfinity's fix
merged to MorphXT 7.4

Added: a small easteregg (don't tell anyone where you found it!) [Stulle]
remark: The way to activate this easteregg will change every release!
Added: Slot Limit (Max Slots = Avg UL/3kbps) [Stulle]
Added: modified Fine CS [Stulle/CiccioBastardo]

Updated: the MSN features to v2 (shows KAD, Server, # of Src, ratio and speed) [Stulle]

Changed: Min Queue Size to 1000 [Stulle]
Changed: tweaked Friend Score Assurance by Pretender a bit [Stulle]

Fixed: Lower Prio sorting [Stulle]
Fixed: Source Graph calculation (stupid me) [Stulle]

Removed: Allow Bandwidth Settings in <1KB Incremements [Maella] (in 2.0, too)
Removed: modfied Fine CS [Pretender/CiccioBastardo]
Removed: CreditSystems enabled check in GetScore (always on, anyways!)
Removed: Friend boost [EastShare]

Fine CS:
+ Fine CS won't kick unless the modifier of the client is equal or below the default
modifier of your current credit systems.
+ When Fine CS kicks in all clients that had a reduce modifier because of the data
calculation in the CS itself will start the Fine CS calculation with a 1 modifier

eMule v0.46c StulleMule v2.0:
- 17.10.2005 -
based on eMule 0.46c EastShare v10.6 compiled with vs2003 and Netfinity's fix
merged to MorphXT 7.4

This release is dedicated to Mav744, my glorious tester, helper and supporter!

Added: Dropped sources stats for session [Stulle]
Added: TBH Mini-Mule (when active it replaces the original MM) [iONiX/ TPT]
Added: Push-small-files (boost can be configured manually) [Sivka/Stulle]
Added: Ban clients sending empty nicks (impossible without changings) [WiZaRd]
Added: PayBackFirst min value (5 MB) and max value (255 MB) [Stulle]
Added: Source Graph [Stulle]
+Note: Graph won't resize on change download bandwith limit or hardlimit values
Added: Average Queue Ranking [Xman]
Added: Pay Back First for clients without SUI [Stulle]
Added: StulleMule Icon [Stulle/ ( thx) ]
Added: Switch off PS limitation (>200 complete src) for complete files [Stulle]
+Note: Add "PsLimitation=0" under [StulleMule] in your preferences.ini to switch off
Added: Average Download Speed [Stulle]

Updated: Anti-Nick-Thief v2.0 to v2.3 (Till 2.2 by WiZaRd) [Stulle]

Changed: # of dropped sources (per file) won't be set to 0 on pause/ stop/ complete [Stulle]
Changed: MANY things arround TBH Mini-Mule [Stulle/leuke_he]
Changed: Push-small-files column in QueueWnd displays if boost or not [Stulle]
Changed: several things in and arround Anti-Nick-Thief [Stulle]
Changed: All anti-leecher parts can be de-/activated manually [Stulle]
Changed: Sivka-Ban messages displayed in Morph Log
Changed: Merged Morph AntiModFaker with AntiModFaker 2.1 by WiZaRd [Stulle]
Changed: Don't allow pushed clients to get Spread Credits Slot [Stulle]
Changed: Splashbanner/ Sidebanner [ (thx) ]
Changed: Punish WC clients not using port 80 by 0.8 instead of push them by 1.2 [Stulle]
Changed: Updated ReAsk Sources After IP Change (RASIC) to v2 [Xman/ Stulle]
Changed: Max ReAsk time to 55min (+/-2 min due to Spread Requests) [Stulle]
+Note: If you set the ReAsk time too high you might loose your queue rank when
the sources aren't requested immediatly.
Changed: Use official hardlimit system in SivkaFileSettings dialog instead of sivka's [Stulle]
Changed: MANY optimizations in StulleMule code [Stulle]
Changed: Optimized Anti Uploader Ban [Stulle]
Changed: Anti Uploader Ban only for Leecher bans [Stulle]
+Note: There's no sense in giving clients banned by official systems a chance!
Changed: Optimized Spread Credits Slot [Stulle]
Changed: Resorted the TestLeecher funtion (might save some CPU load!) [Stulle]
Changed: Updated Leecherlist [Stulle]
Changed: Optimized FunnyNick Tag code [Stulle/Aireoreion]
Changed: Roll back 7.3 code arround the PS limitation according to file src for complete files [Stulle]

Fixed: NULL-pointer Bug Anti-Uploader-Ban [Stulle/WiZaRd]
Fixed: Sivka-Ban (didn't check it on implementing) [Stulle]
Fixed: Don't Ask This IP List/ Unknown Exceptions Bug [Stulle]

Removed: Push-small-files [Tarod/ eF-Mod]
Removed: Show exact max UL queue size in TransferWnd [Stulle] --> no further need
Removed: some not needed icons
Removed: Hide ZZ Ratio Activation [Stulle] --> actually it's not needed

eMule v0.45b StulleMule v1.1:
- 12.05.2005 -
based on eMule 0.45b EastShare v9.0 compiled with vs2003
merged to MorphXT 6.7

(not a real release at all...)

Added: Custom FunnyNick tag [Stulle]
Added: # of dropped sources tab in transfer wnd (per file) [Stulle]
Added: New option to show in your MSN7 (or above) message field your emule´s speeds [MOnKi/ikabot]
Added: Show overhead on title [Stulle]
Added: 20 minutes auto drop immunity [Stulle]
(after startup and after IP change if ReAsk Src after IP Change active)
Added: Draw friends blue [Stulle]

Changed: IDS_PW_RETRIES to IDS_PW_RETRIES_NEW due to changes in this string [Stulle]
Changed: Display of hardlimit in "Sources" tab (transfer wnd) optional [Stulle]

Fixed: hardlimit settings [Stulle]
Fixed: two times "Enable auto drop NNS" in StulleMule pref window [Stulle]
Fixed: Timer for ReAsk File Sources [Stulle]
Fixed: new credit systems [Stulle]

Removed: Peace credits (same as original) [Stulle]

eMule v0.45b StulleMule v1.0:
- 22.04.2005 -
based on eMule 0.45b EastShare v9.0 compiled with vs2003
merged to MorphXT 6.7

Added: StulleMule-Preference Window [Stulle]
Added: Sivka-Ban [Sivka/cyrex2001]
Added: Anti-Nick-Thief v2 [WiZaRd]
Added: Push-small-files [Tarod/ eF-Mod]
Added: Push-rare-files [Tarod/ eF-Mod]
Added: Timer for ReAsk File Sources 29-50mins [Stulle/ idea from sivka]
(for HighID users recomended 50mins and for LowID users 29mins)
Added: Funny Nick Tag selection (None/[FN]/[FunnyNick]) [Stulle]
Added: Anti-Friend-Ban [FRTK Evostar]
Added: Anti Uploader Ban (0 = disabled) [Stulle]
Added: ReAsk sourcen after IP change [cyrex2001/ Maella/ idea from Xman]
Added: Spread Request [cyrex2001/ Maella/ idea by SlugFiller]
Added: QuickStart by TPT [cyrex2001]
Added: QuickStart after IP change by TPT [cyrex2001]
Added: QuickStart return values [Stulle]
Added: WINSOCK2 [darkwolf - eWombat]
Added: A start TTL between 1 and 20 can be specified for USS [emulEspaña]
Added: Allow Bandwidth Settings in <1KB Incremements [Maella]
Added: Spread Credits Slot [Stulle]
Added: More credit systems (Peace, Sivka, S.W.A.T.) [eF-MOD]
Added: Manual drop sources [sivka]
Added: Auto drop sources (NNS, FQS, HQRS) [sivka]
Added: RemoveSourceAndDontAsk (2 - 4h; # of clients in sources tab) [sivka]
Added: sivka file settings dialogue [sivka]
Added: Hardlimit per file [Sivka]
Added: Show source on title [Stulle]
Added: Draw PS files red [Stulle]
Added: Hide ZZ Ratio Activation [Stulle]
Added: Show global HL (in sources tab) [Stulle]

Readded: Bad Nick ban (optional; Anti-Leecher has to be enabled) [Stulle]

Changed: Default Nick [Stulle]
Changed: Improved Buffer Size maximum (7.5Mb) [Stulle]
Changed: Morph-Version-Check for StulleMule [Stulle]
Changed: Wizard-Check after Upgrade for StulleMule [Stulle]
CHanged: ZZ Ratio activation cases [Stulle/cyrex2001]
Changed: ZZ Ratio back to 1:3 [Stulle]
Changed: Side bar banner (thx to Proctore --> original Mule edited) [Stulle]
Changed: Splash banner (thx to Proctore --> original Mule edited) [Stulle]
Changed: Delete dead servers can be disabled [Stulle]
Changed: Show exact max UL queue size in TransferWnd (optional) [Stulle]
Changed: Several setting defaults [Stulle]
Changed: Anti-Mod-Faker ban optional (Anti-Leecher has to be enabled) [Stulle]

Removed: USS-settings from Tweaks-dialog (it's in the Morph dialog) [Stulle]

ZZ Ratio activation cases - Stulle
+ ratio activated for the whole session when:
- not completed file powershared
- friendslot & global friendslot limit > 3
- friend boost (after change restart neccessary to disable ratio)
+ ratio activated till case isn't fullfilled anymore:
- UL-limit < 10
- average UL < 8
- average UL < 10 AND UL-Maximum < 12

Anti Uploader Ban - Stulle
+ Case 1 - UL >= Limit:
- clients who uploaded more but the limit don't get banned
+ Case 2 - UL-DL >= Limit
- clients with a difference between up- and download which is higher but the
limit won't get banned until the difference reaches the limit
+ Case 3 - UL-DL >= Limit
- clients with a difference between up- and download which is higher but the
limit won't get banned until the difference reaches 0 (if session ends before
0 is reached the client will have to reach the limit again in the next session
to have ban-prevention

Spread Credits Slot - Stulle
+ every X slots a slot is given to a client that never uploaded to us, downloaded from us
and that is not a powershared file requesting client

--> Thanks fly out to cyrex2001 who helped me coding this mod! cyrex, you are the best! :)
--> Thanks fly out to MaxUpload who helped me solving some problems. GL with your Mod!
--> And of course thanks to all the others, who helped me.