Frequently asked Questions


  • This feature protects from clients asking too fast. Asking too fast increases your overhead and your CPU load.
  • Clients that ask more than X times and have an average reask time from less then Y minutes are banned.
  • X may be configured under "Counter for ask, before banned"
  • Y may be configured under "Time for ask, before banned"
  • Logging is optional


  • There are clients that copy tags ("[HeY]") in your name or your whole name in order to gain benefit. Anti-Nick-Thief adds a randomly generated tag to the end of your nick and checks every client for this particular tag. If the check is positive the client will be banned.

Push small files:

  • This feature allows you to push clients requesting a file smaller than a certain size in the UploadQueue.
  • The max. size for pushed files and the factor clients get pushed with may be configured by the user.
  • If a client gets pushed by Release Bonus for a small file, the small file push will not be applyed.

Push rare files:

  • Based on the number of requests during the session, all requests and files a factor is generated that will push the client requesting the file by a certain value between 1 and 2. This feature is good to spread less spreaded files way better.

Timer for ReAsk File Sources:

  • Usually eMule reasks every client we want to download from every 29 minutes (NNP clients 58min). Clients in the UploadQueue loose there place in that queue after one hour. By increasing the reask time you may decrease your own and the networks overhead.
  • You should not increase your reask time when you have low ID!

FunnyNick Tag Selection:

  • FunnyNick usually adds "[FunnyNick]" at the beginning of every client that is effected by FunnyNick. This feature allows you to use a custom tag, "[FunnyNick]" , "[FN]" or no tag at all. Furthermore you may add any possible nick at the end instead of the beginning.


  • No friend will be banned, no matter if he is bad.


  • Not every client detected by the Anti-Leecher-Systems is really bad. This system prevents clients from being banned by comparing the set limit with the clients upload (and download).
  • Score reduced clients may regain a trustworthy status.
  • Three different methods are available.
    • 1st method: UL >= Limit ; clients who uploaded more but the limit do not get banned.
    • 2nd method: UL-DL >= Limit ; clients with a difference between upload and download which is higher but the limit won't get banned until the difference reaches the limit.
    • 3rd method: UL-DL >= Limit ; clients with a difference between upload and download which is higher but the limit won't get banned until the difference reaches 0 (if session ends before 0 is reached the client will have to reach the limit again in the next session).

ReAsk Sources after IP change v2:

  • If clients with a dynamic IP have a reconnect there IP changes. Unless they reask the clients they want to download from those clients do not know about the IP change. So it is possible that a client wants to upload to me but still thinks I do have the old IP and fails. This feature helps reasking all the other clients as fast as possible in order not to create the mentioned situation. This feature will not work for LowID clients.

Spread Requests:

  • Usually we ask most of the clients on startup. This means we have a connection peak on startup that will return in cycles that equal the ReAsk time. To prevent from this behaviour the feature increases or decreases the ReAsk time randomly by 2. This means the range between max and min reask time equals 4 minutes.

Quickstart v2:

  • Most simultan connections attempts are done on startup. To decrease the time of high connection values this feature increases the connection settings so more simultan connections in a shorter time can be opened.
  • Using ReAsk Sources after IP change v2 leads into the same situation we have on startup. If the option "Quickstart after IP change" is enabled the feature will do the same as on startup.
  • The feature offers the user to configure the time of quickstart, the max connections value, the max new connections per 5 seconds value and return values for the two values mentioned before.

A start TTL between 1 and 20 can be specified for USS:

  • Usually USS starts searching the ping partner automaticly from the value 1 on. This may lead into complications when you are not directly connected to the internet. Increase the value by the number of routers or other computers that seperate you from direct internet access to protect your USS from pinging e.g. the router.

Spread Credits Slot (SCS):

  • Creditsystems, PBF and PS may keep clients out of the upload that don't get pushed due to their lack of data exchange with us or because they simply do not request a PS file. In order to prevent from such an situation this feature will push the first client in the queue that did not exchange any data with you, yet, into the upload no matter what its former queue place.
  • The requesting client shall neither be pushed by PS nor by push small files nor be a leecher.
  • clients that got kicked out of the upload due to higher priority clients ("F" in queue) may get a SCS
  • The user needs to configure every how many slots a client shall get a SCS.
  • SCS clients may be set into upload class 1 (PS/PBF)
  • SCS debugging:
    • @ Spr N = usual Spread Credits Slot (0 up/ 0 down)
    • @ Spr F = removed early
    • @ Spr O = got a SCS but was removed and didn't get reinitiated by @ Spr F (should barely happen)

Manual drop sources:

  • The feature offers several ways to drop all clients with a certain status from (a) certain file/s.
  • Possibilities: LowIP to LowIP; Unknown, Error and Banned; No needed Parts; Full queue; High queue rating; all mentioned before

Auto drop sources:

  • The feature allows the user to configure the automatic dropping of clients in the SivkaFileSettings dialog customized for each file. As an addition to the ways of dropping already included in the official (NNP, FQ) the user may drop clients with high queue ratings automaticly, too.

Remove clients and don't ask list:

  • Every dropped client is added to list to prevent it from being dropped and turning back as a source over and over, which would be a total waste of overhead. Clients will stay for 2-4h in this list.

Show sources on title:

  • In the title of the program an information about the current number of global sources is added.

Draw PS files red:

  • Clients requesting a PS file for upload will be drawn red in the UploadList and the QueueList.

Show global HL:

  • The hardlimit values of all active files will be counted and displayed in the sources tab.

Bad Nick Ban:

  • Users with names known as default or fixed names by leechers will be banned.

ZZ Ratio activation cases:

  • ratio activated for the whole session when:
    • not completed file powershared
    • friendslot & global friendslot limit > 3
  • ratio activated till case isn't fullfilled anymore:
    • UL-limit < 10
    • average UL < 8
    • average UL < 10 AND UL-Maximum < 12
  • max ratio when ZZ ratio enabled: 1:3 (UL:DL)

MSN feature v2:

  • MSN v7+ enables the user to display his currently playing song. This feature displays eMule informations instead.
  • Information displayed: Current UL/DL speed, KAD/ Server connection, current global source count, current UL/DL ratio

20 minutes auto drop immunity:

  • The first 20 minutes after startup and the first 20 minutes after an IP change (with enabled ReAsk sources after IP change) no source will be dropped automaticly in order to reduce the connection consumption.

TBH Mini-Mule:

  • A modified version of the MiniMule from "The Black Hand" mod. This MiniMule shows more informations about eMule. It includes UL/DL graphs, information about eMules CPU and memory consumption. Furthermore you may check your current ratio, the number of active uploads/ downloads, speed, bytes transfered (up/down) and the number of completed downloads.
  • If this MiniMule is enabled the official MiniMule will not be displayed.
  • The default incoming folder is directly accessable from the MiniMule via push icon. One further push icon is added to restore the complete eMule window.
  • Like the official eMules MiniMule this MiniMule is opened on clicking the tray icon.

Ban clients sending empty nicks:

  • With the offical, unmodified eMule it is impossible to send an empty nick. Former eMule versions crashed when they received an empty nick. So we can assume whoever sends an empty nick using eMule can be considered bad.

Source Graph:

  • An extra graph showing the global amount of sources scaled within a range to the window displaying the download graph. Main purpose of this graph is to debug and visualize how the global source count develops.

Average Queue Ranking:

  • This feature displays the average queue ranking of a file. Only sources that give you your queue place will be taken into account.

Pay Back First for clients without SUI:

  • Since only clients with Secure User Identification (SUI) are able to get PBF by the usual PBF algorithm this feature is meant to provide PBF for non SUI clients. It's strongly recommended to apply a higher value for non-SUI clients than for SUI clients.

Modified Fine CS:

  • The original Fine CS is meant to protect from leecher clients based on the amount of data one sent and one received to/ from another client. It does not offer any boost for clients sending you lots of data.
  • Modified Fine CS will not kick unless the selected credit system gives a client a smaller factor than the default factor.
  • Threshold in the system is four time one partsize, which equals 4*9,28 MB. If the difference between sent and received data exceeds this threshold the score will be reduced. The higher the difference the lower the multiplicator.

Global Hardlimit:

  • Global Hardlimit takes full control of the global source count. It reduces and raises the hardlimit values of the files in order to keep the global source count within a range of 5% below and over the set value.
  • In the StulleMule mod you may choose if you want to enable the system for either all files or only for certain files.
  • If one chooses the second way the preferences for each file may be found in the SivkaFileSettings dialog. Only files which have this function enabled will be taken into account in the hardlimit changing system.

Source Cache:

  • Original creator: Xman --> Thank you!
  • This feature keeps source that got sent due to a source request but are not needed, yet. After 25 minutes these sources expire in the cache and get removed.

Emulate others:

  • Most other clients in the eD2k network prefere sharing with clients of their own kind. In order not to be in a disadvantage WiZaRd, Spike and shadow2004 developed algorithms that make eMule pretend to be a client of the same kind.
  • Currently supported clients: MLDonkey, eDonkey, eDonkeyHybrid, Shareaza v2, Lphant

CPU/ Memory usage display in TransferWnd:

  • Displays memory and CPU consumption of eMule and the whole system
  • possible display modes:
    • none
    • eMules consumption
    • eMule and system consumption
  • Display order: "CPU : CPU usage of eMule (CPU usage of the whole system)" "Mem : Memory usage of eMule (currently used physical Mem/ RAM of System)"

Reduce Score for leechers:

  • known leecher mods won't be banned but get a score penalty
  • penalty is to be set between 10% and 100 %

XP Style Menu:

  • new better looking context menus supporting clored sidebar and background picture

Release Bonus:

  • Adds 12h or up to 10 days more waiting time to a client than he actually has if he requests a non-partfile release priority file

Release Score Assurance:

  • clients requesting a file on release priority won't get a lower score than the default score
  • bad guys (score reduce) won't be triggered
  • only complete files are valid as request files for this

Connection Checker:

  • eMule will constantly ping the internet in order to check if it is still connected
  • disconnects the Server/ KAD connection on going offline and connect it again on going online
  • Only networks set in the preferences (Connection settings) will be connected again

Global Mod statistics:

  • New statistics displaying the number of clients using a mod whilst giving details about the popularity of every mod
  • Only mods with an minimum amount of 2 clients will be displayed.
  • To increase/ decrease this value add "MinModAmount={value}" in the "[StulleMule]" Section of your preferences.ini

Limit PS by amount of data uploaded:

  • PowerShare can be limited by amount of data uploaded
  • Set PS to Limited, the source limit to 0 and the amount limit to a value higher than 0 to use this feature.
  • The limit may be set to a value between 1% and 10000%.

Disable PS/PBF for leechers:

  • All identified leecher clients will not gain any benefit of the PS, PBF, push small and push rare files features.

Static IP Filter:

  • An additional IP filter list that allows you to save IPs to be filtered steadily so you can update easily whilst not loosing the additionally saved IPs.
  • Save "ipfilter_static.dat" in config dir.
  • Use the same format as common ipfilter.dat!

Enhanced Client Recognition:

  • Detects "eMule Plus", "Hydranode" and "TrustyFiles" properly.

Compat Client Stats:

  • eMule compatible clients like "lPhant" and "eMule Plus" are only displayed as "eMule Compat" in the stats. Therefore this feature adds a more detailed subtree informing the user about the number of each kind of "eMule Compat" clients.

Display completed Downloads in Tray:

  • Displays a star in the tray icon whenever a download is completed.

Design settings:

  • Only enabled styles will be applied
  • Styles sorted by importance in triggering (default excluded)
  • Combining two styles is impossible
  • Window customization for statusbar and toolbar will only work on Windows XP when the classic display style is enabled on Windows.

Display reason for zero score:

  • When ever a client gets a zero score in the waiting queue this feature will display the reason behind the clients score.

Automatic shared files updater (ASFU):

  • Automatically recognizes changes in the shared or incoming folders and reloads shared files.
  • Can also monitor folders with single shared files (if enabled).
  • Minimum time between two reloads can be configured and is 2 minutes (120 seconds) by default.
  • Only directories that exist after (a re-)starting ASFU will be monitored.
  • If too many folders are shared, ASFU will be turned off, automatically.

Progress Hash:

  • Shows the progress of a hashing file in the status bar.

Control download priority:

  • Automatically sets a new download priority if a threshold is triggered.
  • Threshold 1: completed percentage of a file
  • Threshold 2: remaining size to complete file download

High resulution speedmeter on toolbar:

  • Shows small graphs for upload and download on toolbar
  • Overrides some toolbar settings

Inform queue clients after IP change via opcode:

  • Informs all clients in the waiting queue when our IP changed so they will not loose us and their queue position

Prevent from missing an Upload by Xtreme:

  • Decreases the set reask time for sources if needed in order to reask within 30 minutes

Recognize MlDonkey XS Answer:

  • Removes annoying exception messages in verbose log when MlDonkey is emulated.

Reconnect KAD on IP-Change:

  • Stops and starts KAD when IP has changed
  • Triggered by Server

Enfroce Ratio:

  • Enforces ZZ amount based ratio for the session.
  • Session ratio will not exceed set limit.
  • If ZZ ratio is enabled due to another feature the desired ratio will only be applied if it is lower than 3 (1:1 and 1:2).

File Settings:

  • All settings are stored in the FileSettings.ini file.
  • Supported by StulleMule and ScarAngel.
  • Settings are saved on taking over SivkaFileSettings and on closing eMule.

Advanced Transfer Window Layout:

  • Any two lists can be viewed at the same time
  • Downloading file list can only be viewed in the upper part
  • If list shown in the upper half is already in the lower half the lower list changes to next list
  • To disable/ enable press the split button/ item

Threaded File Settings Saving:

  • The saving of the file settings usually causes a lot of work for the CPU and keeps the GUI locked for several seconds
  • To be able to keep the GUI responsive during the saving process is the saving now in a seperate thread so the user can use the program as if there was no saving at all.

Threaded Known Files Saving:

  • Every 11 minutes is the known.met file saved.
  • The more files are saved in this file the longer time will it take to save the file once.
  • To be able to keep the GUI responsive during the saving process is the saving now in a seperate thread so the user can use the program as if there was no saving at all.

PowerShare support for WebInterface:

  • Powershare can be activated via WebInterface.
  • Powershare activation will be displayed in an extra column in the Shared Files window of the WebInterface.
  • The new template files (6.1+) must be used!

NT Service strings:

  • Enables you to set different strings for eMule as a NT Serivce.
  • This enables you to hide eMule as a service and run multiple instances of eMule as multiple services.