eMule StulleMule mod
based on eMule MorphXT mod

Latest version:

StulleMule v7.0



By the time I started using eMule I noticed the sivka mod and used it with great pleasure. When sivka quit coding I tested quite some mods and using the Pastagua mod v3 I really missed the lovelace credit system. So I started my first project and implemented the lovelace CS into the Pastagua. The StulleMule was born.

Later on I tested the EastShare mod which was quiet good for me back in those days. But still I missed some features. So I started modding again. People like Cyrex2001 or MaxUpload gave me a hand and I finally released the first full release after 5 public alpha versions.

Since then my skills have improved and the StulleMule mod has developed. If you want to find out more about the changes made in the mod so far check out the Changelog.

With the MorphXT as its base the StulleMule mod is perfect for releasers that want to tweak their mule even a bit more.